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Gema Perez
Hello Bridge community!   I have a group of users who need a specific library including more than 20 courses. Do you know if it's possible to add these courses to the group's library through a CSV file or do I have to do it manually course by course?   Thank you!   Gema
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jamy harte
Seems like a bad use of English, shouldn't it be called "Live training"?
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Connie Holbrook
On the insights page it shows a user with past due trainings yet when I go to their account there are no past due trainings showing.  Where is this coming from and is there a way to clean it up?  
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Dan Haggarty
I have added SCORM zip files to Bridge and am testing they work properly before making them live to users. There is no quiz within the course content but within the Author pages I am unable to change the Required Score from 80%. When I complete the course and exit bank to the main menu, I am showing as having failed the course on the Incomplete… (Show more)
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Stephanie Embry
Is there a way to view the evidence in a checkpoint within Bridge instead of having to download and then view. We do not need to download the documents for any reason we just need to view the documents. 
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Amy Skyles
I need to tag some courses in a way that is not visible to learners (admin/author purposes only). We are a small company and as a personal touch, it's nice to provide the contact for a particular service by their name and title inside of some courses. I would like to easily identify courses where this has happened so I can double-check names and… (Show more)
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Sarah Rothery
We had required courses which we have since made part of a program(required). We removed the required relevance on the courses and made the program required however the numerous courses and the program are still cluttering the user's view rather than just the program appearing.     How do we rectify this so only the program (required) appears in… (Show more)
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Peter Braxton
For Add Learners via CSV for a Live Training, it seems to only let you pick the course as a whole, not the individual session.  I guess that makes sense if you're telling people they need to take a course, and then they get to pick which offering to attend (within the set enrollment limits).  In our case, learners have registered via an external… (Show more)
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Richard Nath
Does anyone know what the size of the space for the Learning Header Brand Photo is?  I know the logo is 760x200 px.  Thanks for any help you can provide.
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