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Natalie Rodgers
Hi everyone! Over the past few months, I have a had a number of users othat have needed to reset their password, however when they click the prompts they don't receive an email to do so - I am then able to go into as Admin and reset from my end, so it's not a complete failure but wondered if anyone else is experiencing a similar thing, and if so -… (Show more)
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Kym Ferrando
Is there a way to obtain/generate a list of only the courses that are currently available in the Library?  I have tried the Library_Items report from the Data Dump, but there is no option to filter out archived courses, only deleted courses.  
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Kath Faulkner
I want to include voiceover to a course I have created using Author. I have been able to add the audio files to each page without any issue. BUT I want the audio to play automatically on each page (currently the learner has to click it to play) and cant find any settings where I can make this happen. Is it possible?
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les jones
Does anyone know if there is a way the default completion dates can be changed for multiple courses?
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Nicholas Colitzas
How do I view an individual learners answers in a quiz? All I see are the collective answers. 
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Gary Baker
Is there really no way to organize the Learning Library by Folder?   Or are we missing something?   As we previewed Bridge prior to purchase, we were especially interested in 1) Compliance Training, 2) Self-Service On-Demand Voluntary Training, and 3) Live Training.  We were assured that each of these areas was possible and Bridge is to support… (Show more)
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Glenna Stricklett
Just wondering how much access, if any, terminated learners have since the program does not have to be accessed on a company computer.
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Allison Kemp
Currently, when we create a Live Training, I put the presenters in the description if they will be presenting all of the sessions. If not, I put their name in the notes. I don't really care for that idea, but there's not a lot of choice there.   Some sessions are for school day staff and others are for residential. In those cases, I've been… (Show more)
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Joe Kleine
Has anyone found a nice way of showing/using equivalencies?    Examples of what could be equivalent: Learner takes an eCourse or a Live Training to meet the requirement Learner takes eCourse 1 or eCourse 2 to meet the requirement Learner takes Live Training 1 or Live Training 2 to meet the requirement   In previous LMS, we were able to set… (Show more)
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Peter Sternfels
I know that you can set a due date based on when the learner is enrolled in the course, but I am looking for a way to automatically assign the survey to a leaner on their 31st from their hire date.
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